Food Futures

A programme that seeks to showcase potential solutions to the food world’s most compelling challenges

Perhaps the easiest mistake to make about Borough Market—but an understandable one, given its long history and strong support for traditional forms of food production—is to presume that this is an institution whose focus is on the past. In truth, the secret to the Market’s remarkable longevity has been its ability to adapt to, and often mould, the innovations that bubble up through the food world in response to wider societal and environmental changes. Rather than looking back, the Market is committed to identifying current and future challenges, and then nurturing the talents of forward-thinking traders whose work is focussed on meeting them.

The Market is ideally positioned for this role. Its non-profit status and strong values afford it the space to experiment and take risks, and its high visitor numbers and international profile give even the smallest of businesses a disproportionately loud voice. Most importantly, a marketplace, unlike other more impersonal shopping environments, offers the potential for the exchange of ideas as well as goods—the chance for traders to tell their stories to customers and to each other, to share the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’. That’s why Borough Market has, over the years, proved such a vital seeding ground for innovators whose ideas and methods have been as central to their success as the quality of their finished products.

This spring and summer, the Market is running a new programme, Food Futures, that will explore some of the biggest challenges facing the food world, including sustainability, technological advances and environmental deterioration, and provide a forum for some of the innovators and entrepreneurs whose work offers the promise of potential solutions.      

Over a 12-week period, we will be joined each week by a guest trader from the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC), an organisation that supports and promotes research and innovation in London’s food businesses.

Bottlebrush Ferments
Wednesday 8th—Saturday 11th May

Bottlebrush Ferments is a London-based fermented food business, specialising in live, raw, probiotic-rich foods: kimchi and sauerkraut. Bottlebrush Ferments has a range of five delicious products, all handmade locally in southeast London. Co-founders Ben and Hesh are a personal trainer / health coach and a chef respectively and draw on their combined experience and knowledge to give customers foods that allow them to contribute to their wellbeing in a quick, convenient and tasty way!

Wednesday 15th—Saturday 18th May 

F-ish founder Moko used to be obsessed with eating seafood, so she wanted to make choosing to eat consiously for all diet types an easier task in today's modern world. She has been testing out her creations at vegan food events, and they were such a hit with diners, she was spurred on to release it as a fish-alternative product. 

Ruby and Grace London
Wednesday 22nd—Saturday 25th May  

Ruby and Grace London is a plant-based food business producing scrumptious food made out of tigernuts (tigernuts are nutrient-dense root tubers used for many centuries to treat digestive issues as well as other medicinal purposes in Ancient Egypt). The product range includes dairy free ice cream made with tigernut milk (first of its kind in the UK and Europe), grain-free tigernuts granola and tigernuts milk—inspired by the taste and flavours of Grandma Ruby's kitchen.


The Food Futures Market
Wednesday May 29th—Saturday June 1

The Food Futures Market is showcasing innovators, disrupters and social enterprises who lead the way with the pioneering spirit that Borough Market embraces and supports.

Joining us during the week are the following traders: 

  • Binary botanical
  • Green Boutique
  • Jake's Boost, TiWiWa Ltd.
  • Mitch's Kitchen
  • myTEA is Mighty!
  • Oh Lily! 
  • Palace Culture
  • Push Chocolate Limited

Stay tuned for more traders, coming soon...