The Great British Game Food Festival

Celebrate the wonders and delights of great British game food

The Great British Game Food Festival, which is taking over Borough Market’s Market Hall on 19th November, is a celebration of a practice—indeed, a way of life—that has been intrinsic to human civilisation since time immemorial. In Britain, the hunting of everything from pheasant to woodcock, rabbit to venison, brings with it some extraordinary food and an entire culture that surrounds it: a rich body of art, music and literature and a genuine sense of community.

The festival, which seeks to bring all this to life, will feature several specialist game traders including The Cornish Venison Co, Buckland Venison, Taste of Game, Wild Food, Great Glen Charcuterie, The Real Cure, Game Chef, Game to Eat, Country Trust, Mud Pie and Foxdenton. Timed to coincide with the commencement of British Game Week, it is free to attend and promises a colourful array of demonstrations, talks, tastings. All you need to do is visit the website and register your interest in the sustainable, nutritious and irrefutably delectable world of game.

As the event takes place on a Saturday, Borough market’s own game experts, including Furness Fish & Game and Shellseekers Fish & Game, will also be trading throughout the day in their regular spots.